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Green Valley School follows the British curriculum (as we do at our sister nursery school, Happy Faces Kinder), and children aim to take their IGCSE exams when they are in Year 11. Green Valley School is also an authorised IB School that follows the IB Diploma Programme (International Baccalaureate) for years 12 and 13, starting in September 2021.

IB schools around the world share a common philosophy and commitment to inspiring, high-quality international education, which we believe is fundamental to our students.


At Green Valley School, we believe it is important for children to learn to be bilingual in English and Spanish, with the option of choosing a third language between Catalan, French, German or Swedish.

In addition, we believe in the importance of teaching effective study techniques that help students learn effectively and in the long run.

Therefore, we offer three hours per week of Independent Study during school hours, where students can do their homework and practice concentration techniques, speed reading, mind mapping, and memory-enhancing methods.



At Green Valley School (GVS), we embrace the theory of multiple intelligences as an integral part of school life.

We design our activities and classes in a way that we can discover where each student’s talents reside, whether it’s in math, sports, literature, music, theater, dance, science, woodworking, and more.

Once we identify these talents, we integrate them into each student’s individual learning program.

Balanced education

At GVS, we believe that education and life in general is a balance between various elements.

Our educational program includes core subjects, supplementary subjects, recess time, homework and, not least, human values.

Throughout the school year, we host a variety of workshops, such as Organic Gardening, Cooking, Fine Arts, Theater, and Robotics, among others.

One of the distinguishing features of GVS is that homework is completed in individual study sessions during school hours.

Balanced education



Since we are a school in Mallorca, we also offer classes in Catalan, French, German or Swedish as a third language, within school hours.

We believe that children learn languages better when they engage  in fun and enjoyable activities that motivate them and immerse them in the language experience.

In a serene, respectful and familiar environment, we instill Human Values in every class and activity.

Our classes and activities are designed to discover and enhance each child’s individual talents.  

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