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Given our location in Mallorca, an international environment, we offer the teaching of several languages, including Catalan, French, and German or Swedish as a third language, within the school timetable.

We believe that children learn new languages most effectively through fun and enjoyable activities that motivate them and immerse them in the language experience.

In a calm, respectful and familiar atmosphere, our human values are reflected in every class and activity. Both classes and activities are designed to discover, develop and enhance each child’s individual talents.

Programas Formativos









At Green Valley School, we place great importance on our music and drama classes, as we deeply believe in the philosophy of “Multiple Intelligences”.

These disciplines are fundamental to the development of our students, as they allow them to discover talents and develop self-confidence. Our music and theatre classes are taught by specialized and passionate teachers. 

We organize our own productions during Christmas, the end of the year and other special occasions.

All children have the opportunity to participate in these events, as they require actors, dancers, musicians, lighting technicians, costume designers, makeup artists, stage staff, and ticket organizers.



At Green Valley School (GVS), sports feature prominently in our educational program. We offer  a variety of sports and outdoor activities, with facilities such as soccer fields, basketball courts, and a multipurpose room for dance and gymnastic activities.

We encourage all children to enjoy physical activity in both sports classes and recess.

A variety of sports are played at our school, including soccer, basketball, track and field, hockey, and gymnastics, among others.

We strongly believe that sports are not only cardiovascular activities, but also play a crucial role in the holistic development of our students, influencing their mind and spirit. These sports encourage discipline and strengthen self-esteem.

We firmly believe that a holistic education encompasses the body, mind, and spirit, and that the focus on “Multiple Intelligences” is essential in this process.

During the school year, we host a variety of workshops, including:

  • Organic Vegetable Garden Cultivation
  • Kitchen
  • Chess
  • Robotics
  • Dance
  • Arts & Crafts
  • And many more

These workshops allow our students to explore their interests and develop additional skills in an enriching and stimulating environment.


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