GVS Mission Statement

'At Green Valley School we provide a challenging and inspiring education. We encourage students to develop their positive talents and qualities and aim for both academic and human excellence. We believe that Education in Human Values is the very foundation of learning. Becoming global citizens, students can contribute to transforming the world, through intercultural understanding and reinforced positive human attributes. We aim to empower our students to be successful by leading them to become lifelong, inquiring, principled and caring critical thinkers'.


In all times and in different places of the world, great philosophers and thinkers have spoken about the crucial importance education plays in our lives. To have a happy and healthy society, education is the foundation, as we know that the students of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. The same way the roots are an essential part of a tree, in Green Valley School our philosophy and teaching methodology are based on the firm belief that Education in Human Values is the very foundation of teaching.

Our objective is to stimulate the positive qualities, talents and potential of goodness latent in every child, knowing that true education is a life learning process and its ultimate goal is not only academic excellence but also human excellence as well as the development of good character.

Furthermore, in Green Valley School

we are aware of the fact that there is not only one type of intelligence rather, "Multiple Intelligences" like the logical-mathematical, linguistic, corporal, kinaesthetic, musical, intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligences, the last two are very much related to the social and emotional fields. Therefore, we offer an integral educational programme in which all the aspects of the human personality are developed, including the emotional, social and intellectual aspects. All of this is done in an environment of peace and harmony, allowing each child to develop their creativity and imagination according to their own interests and talents.

Lastly, we believe and use cooperative learning strategies as we recognise that the sum of all parts interacting together is greater than the sum of the individual parts alone. We understand cooperation as a social process of knowledge construction, considering cooperative learning as a process in which each individual learns more working as a "TEAM" (Together Everyone Achieves More) rather than working alone.




Green Valley International school in Palma Mallorca. 

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