Green Valley School will follow the British curriculum (as we do in our sister school, Happy Faces), and the children will aim to take their IGCSE's when they are in Year 11. After which, in Year 12 and Year 13 we will adopt the IB program in order that the children can finish their schooling with the IB examinations. The International Baccalaureate programme is Worldwide recognized as a highly stimulating, creative and student centered educational programme. The IB programme fosters knowledgeable, inquiring and caring young people who are motivated to succeed.

Here in Green Valley School we believe that as an international school in Spain, the children need to be educated with a good balance between the English and Spanish languages, and for this reason within our programme Mathematics, Science, Information Technology and Literacy will be covered by a suitably qualified British teacher, whilst Geography, History and Music will be taught by a suitably qualified Spanish teacher.

Multiple Intelligences

An integral part of school life is based on the well-known multiple intelligence approach. This means that all our activities and classes will be designed so that we can genuinely find where the talents lie in each child, whether we are concentrating on Mathematics, Sports, Literacy, Music, Theatre & Dance, Science, Carpentry lessons, etc. Once we are able to find those key talents, we are able to use them in other areas of the child's individual learning programme.

In Green Valley School we believe that education (and indeed life!) is a balance of many different elements. The school programme has a balance between core subjects complimentary subjects, playtime, homework and , last but not least, Human Values. During the school year various workshops will be organised, ranging from Organic Gardening, Cooking, Carpentry and Robotics. One of the many details that make up Green Valley is that we believe that homework will actually be completed as individual study sessions during the school timetable.


As we are a school in Mallorca, we will also offer Catalan, French, German or Swedish lessons as a third language, within the school timetable. We believe that the best way that children learn new languages is through fun, organized activities where they are completely absorbed by the languages.

We will genuinely have a peaceful, family atmosphere where the essence of Human Values will be found in each class and activity that we organize. The classes and the activities will all be organized focusing to discover where the individual talents lie within each child.

We love what we do!





Green Valley International school in Palma Mallorca. 

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